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Masaka City Grapples with Alarming Rise in Violent Crimes

Masaka City News
Masaka City News

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Recent brutal murders in Masaka City, targeting Birungi Nabadda and David Gyabi, have ignited renewed security fears among city residents. The incidents occurred in the Nyendo-Mukungwe and Kimanya-Kabonero Divisions, raising questions about the increasing criminality in the area over the past two months.

Birungi Nabadda, 35, was reportedly raped and killed with sharp objects, with her body dumped near Misaali Catholic Church in Nyendo-Mukungwe Division. In another incident, David Gyabi, a boda boda cyclist, was found dead in Kimanya–Kabonero, having been allegedly hired to transport unknown individuals to Kyabakuza and then brutally attacked with a hammer.

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Masaka Deputy Regional Police Commander, Jamada Wandera, assured residents that investigations are underway, urging vigilance and the reporting of suspicious activities. Some residents attribute the rise in criminality to inadequate police patrols, allowing criminals to exploit the absence of law enforcement during late-night hours.

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Concerns also arise from the release of arrested individuals, who later pose threats to the community. Residents call for a thorough investigation into the release of suspects and express frustration with the recurrent nature of criminal acts in specific areas.

The Nyendo police commander, Francis Kidega, acknowledges the security threat in Misaali Village and expresses plans to establish a police post once a suitable location is identified. In response to the incidents, police, with the help of a dog, tracked down suspects, leading to the arrest of a bar attendant in the area.

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The recent killings revive memories of Masaka Sub-region’s history of mysterious deaths, particularly those attributed to machete-wielding thugs between 2017 and 2018. The city has been grappling with security challenges, with residents calling for increased police presence and effective measures to curb criminal activities.