Home Culture Rwenzururu Kingdom Unveils Agenda Following King Mumbere’s Homecoming

Rwenzururu Kingdom Unveils Agenda Following King Mumbere’s Homecoming

Rwenzururu Kingdom Unveils Agenda Following King Mumbere's Homecoming
Rwenzururu Kingdom Unveils Agenda Following King Mumbere's Homecoming
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Mr. Joseph Kule Muranga, the prime minister of Rwenzururu Kingdom, shared their plans for the interim period following the return of King Charles Wesley Mumbere to the kingdom after nearly seven years of absence.

Mr. Muranga emphasized their focus on rebranding the kingdom, with a commitment to avoiding any clashes with the government, such as the 2016 raid on the palace and the subsequent arrest of the king. He acknowledged that they had faced 43 cases involving the king and others but decided to accept the government’s amnesty offer due to the substantial evidence against them.

To prevent future conflicts, Mr. Muranga announced that the kingdom would no longer have royal guards, and they would rely on trained government forces for the king’s security. He stressed their commitment to adhering to both the Ugandan constitution and the kingdom’s constitution.

The primary goal of this rebranding effort is to ensure that the people of Rwenzururu benefit from government programs and are empowered, fostering cooperation rather than confrontation with the government.

Mr. Muranga also addressed the issue of those advocating for a separate country (YIRA) from Uganda, categorically stating that such aspirations should be abandoned as they amount to treason. He encouraged kingdom subjects to collaborate with the government and mentioned ongoing awareness campaigns to promote this cooperation.

The kingdom attorney general, Mr. Alfred Makasi, emphasized the need to disentangle cultural institutions from political affiliations, aiming to prevent any perception of political bias. Additionally, they plan to hold a seminar for the released royal guards to ensure their alignment with the kingdom’s values.

The kingdom has ambitious plans for environmental conservation, including planting 10 million trees on Mt. Rwenzori, in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Environment. Construction work for a new palace, designed by UPDF engineering brigade, is set to begin. They are also fundraising to acquire the Hotel of Springs International to generate revenue.

Furthermore, the kingdom intends to collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture on projects like fish farming and coffee cultivation, aiming to empower the local population and improve their livelihoods.