Home Business Sebei Community Acknowledges Support for Local Market

Sebei Community Acknowledges Support for Local Market

sebei community acknowledges support for local market
sebei community acknowledges support for local market
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The people of Sebei sub-region in eastern Uganda have expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the presidential advisor on special operations, for their assistance in establishing a local market in the area.

For years, the Kaserem weekly market in Tingey County, Kapchorwa district, has been operating along the busy Muyembe-Kapchorwa highway, posing risks to vendors, buyers, and road users.

Fadil Twalla, the area Member of Parliament, emphasized the dangers faced by community members who had been selling their products in the midst of speeding traffic. In response, he organized a fundraising event and approached both Prime Minister Nabbanja and Gen. Muhoozi to join the effort.

With the generous contributions of sh50m from Nabbanja and Muhoozi, the community was able to purchase land for a new weekly market. The announcement of their contributions was made by the 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Rukia Nakadama.

Deputy Prime Minister Nakadama also pledged sh10m toward the cause, further boosting the fundraising efforts.

The residents of Kaserem expressed their appreciation for the recent fundraising event that raised approximately sh150m for the market’s establishment. Issa Kamonges, the market chairperson, highlighted the potential benefits of the new market, including increased sales and profitability for farmers and small-scale producers.

Market vendor Scovia Chemutai emphasized the market’s potential to allow local artisans and entrepreneurs to sell their products directly to consumers, reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing income.

Raymond Kadoli, a resident, noted that organizing a weekly market requires various services, which could create job opportunities within the community.

Phyllis Chemutai, Kapchorwa district Woman MP, believes the Kaserem Market will help Sebei become a food basket for the country and promote entrepreneurship.

Several ministers, MPs, district leaders, and community members also contributed to the fundraising event, transcending political and geographical boundaries in pursuit of better livelihoods for their communities.