Home Security High Alert Issued in Kasese Over ADF Bombings

High Alert Issued in Kasese Over ADF Bombings

high alert issued in kasese over adf bombings
high alert issued in kasese over adf bombings
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High Alert Issued in Kasese Over ADF Bombings – Security officials in Kasese District are urging residents to remain vigilant against potential threats posed by bombs and explosives left behind by remnants of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Mr. Zephanus Mubingwa, the deputy Resident District Commissioner and head of security in Busongora County, emphasized the need for heightened awareness, stating that ADF remnants, recently dispersed from their hideouts in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, are scattering bombs in various locations.

According to Mr. Mubingwa, this tactic aims to create a false impression of strength and perpetuate fear among the population. He urged the public to report any suspicious devices immediately upon discovery to security personnel.

This warning follows recent incidents where the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) bomb squad successfully neutralized bombs, such as one found at Kyanya Trading Centre in Ibanda-Kyanya Town Council. Similar incidents occurred near the Kasese town district headquarters on January 26.

The UPDF bomb squad has been actively responding to these threats, but Mr. Mubingwa emphasized the likelihood of further incidents. He urged parents to caution their children against playing with unknown objects, as some bombs are constructed using simple materials like soda bottles.

One resident, Mr. Vincent Bwambale, recounted discovering a bomb on his banana plantation while tending to his crops. Alerting local authorities, soldiers confirmed it was indeed a bomb and safely detonated it.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is an Islamist rebel group that has conducted attacks in both Uganda and the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their attacks include bombings in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, and assaults in western Uganda, resulting in casualties.

In response, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces and the Congolese army initiated operations to hunt down the rebels. Despite these efforts, ADF attacks have persisted, prompting ongoing security concerns in the region.

Story Source: The Ankole Times