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Masindi Implements Stricter Security Measures for Land Leasing

Masindi Town
Masindi Town
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Masindi District in Uganda is tightening security measures to ensure the proper verification and legal clearance of individuals leasing land for agricultural activities. District security officials have directed all farmers, especially those from outside the area, to register immediately with village chairpersons. This move is aimed at enhancing security checks and legal clearance before individuals engage in agricultural activities.

The leaders in Masindi District have expressed concerns about the increasing number of laborers, including those from other districts, seeking land without undergoing necessary security checks through local council registration. This has raised worries about potential security threats posed by unregistered individuals operating on contested land.

Mr. Bwoohe Manisur, the chairperson of Kijunjubwa Sub-county, highlighted his concern about 15 families occupying 36 acres of disputed land in the area without proper registration. The lack of registration not only poses a security threat but also contributes to escalating conflicts. The sub-county leadership, guided by the district security committee, has set a deadline of February 15 for unknown families in the area to register. Failure to comply may lead to further complications in the ongoing land conflict.

Among those affected is Mr. Simon Peter Sasu, a resident of Kibuku District, who admitted to leasing conflicted land without undergoing the local council registration process. Mr. Sasu, unaware of the land dispute, emphasized that he thought all formalities were settled when he paid a fee of Shs1.5 million for leasing the land. He hopes to be allowed to harvest his maize before leaving.

Mr. Ronald Ochand, the officer in-charge of Kijunjubwa Police Post, stressed the importance of registering casual workers and individuals seeking land for farming. This registration process aims to streamline security efforts and verify the legal status of those engaging in agricultural activities.

Mr. Emmy Ngabirano, the Masindi Resident District Commissioner, highlighted the potential security threats posed by unregistered individuals seeking casual work and land for farming. He urged them to follow proper channels by registering with local councils, ensuring a smoother process for both laborers and authorities. Mr. Ngabirano emphasized the importance of engaging in agriculture peacefully, ensuring safety, and legality in land usage.