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SO SAD! Andrew Mwenda Cousin dies in a fatal accident ..

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KAARO KARUNGI | KABAROLE DISTRICT – The family of renowned East Africa journalist Andrew Mwenda has lost there cousin brother in Rwengaju, Kabarole District following the death of his relative through a road accident.
The founder and managing director of Uganda-based news magazine ‘The Independent’ on Saturday morning took to social media to announce Sabastian Noah Rubani has passed on.
The journalist expressed his grief and admitted it was difficult for him to accept that Rubani, who was also his mentor and confidant, was gone forever.
“Last night, my cousin, my son, my best friend, my ally, my confidant, my playmate, my advisor – Sabastia Noah Adyeri Kakiiza Rubani, died in a car accident! In one minute he was full of life and zest. In another he was gone. The world is yet to produce someone who embodied the best human qualities as he did” Mwenda posted on his social media platforms.
According to him, Rubani was special, handsome like a Greek god, generous beyond limit, kind beyond description and nice beyond understanding.
“He was good natured beyond comprehension. He was smart beyond explanation. He was the coolest kid in Uganda. He was the best friend one could ever dream of having” he added.
Mwenda praised him for everyone who met him loved him adding that being around him was to be around happiness, relaxation, sophistication, greatness.
“My cousin, my son, my best friend, my playmate, my advisor, my confidant – my everything, Sabastian Noah Kakiiza Adyeri Rubani, had just died in a motor accident. Why does death strike a nice soul like him at his tender age??? How does one cope with a loss so devastating?” Andrew M Mwenda

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