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Somalian Officials Thank UPDF for Security and Aid Efforts

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Somalia’s Bulo Marer district commissioner, Muhidin Khalif Alio, expressed gratitude towards the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) on Sunday, March 10, 2024. Alio commended the UPDF for their significant contributions not only in restoring peace and security in Somalia but also for their efforts towards the welfare of the Somali people.

The UPDF is actively involved in the African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) mandate. According to a statement by Khalif, he made these commendations while participating in a joint security meeting at the ATMIS Forward Operating Base located in Bulo Marer.

During the meeting, various critical issues were addressed, including the formulation of strategies to ensure the safety and security of the Holy Month of Ramadan, which commenced on March 11, 2024. Additionally, discussions centered on the necessity to reopen water channels before the onset of the rainy season to mitigate the impact of floods.

An agreement was reached during the meeting to facilitate the sharing of information between stakeholders and security forces to enable prompt responses to any unforeseen events. Furthermore, there was a proposal for ATMIS to provide a tractor to aid in opening drainage channels to alleviate potential flood risks.

In a gesture of goodwill, Maj Don Naijuka, the commanding officer of ATMIS Zulu Battalion stationed in Bulo Marer, provided food supplies to the Muslim community in Bulo Marer. These provisions aim to support individuals during their fasting period in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Simultaneously, in Arbiska, located 30km northeast of Mogadishu city, ATMIS Forces persist in supplying neighboring Somali communities and Internally Displaced People’s Camps with safe drinking water and electricity. These efforts aim to foster civil-military relations and elevate living standards within the region.

Date of Event March 10, 2024
Location Bulo Marer, Somalia
Key Participants – Somalia’s Bulo Marer district commissioner, Muhidin Khalif Alio
– Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF)
– African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS)
Main Discussion – Commendation of UPDF for peacekeeping efforts
– Formulation of strategies for Ramadan safety
– Coordination of flood prevention measures
Additional Actions – Provision of food supplies to Muslim community
– Supplying water and electricity to neighboring communities