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Suspended RCC Anderson Burora Accuses Speaker Among of Wrongdoing

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Details have emerged about the genesis of the war opened against the speaker of parliament Rt Hon Anita Annet Among by the Rubaga deputy Resident City Commissioner Herbert Anderson Burora, now on suspension, this website can reveal.
Burora was on March 14th, 2024 thrown out of office according to the letter signed by secretary office of the president Haji Yunusu Kakande for 28 days for continued violation of the Uganda public service standing orders 2021, section F-r paragraph h,i,p and t and paragraph 1-2.
This followed after he failed to satisfy an impromptu grilling meeting where he was summoned to defend himself on the continued utterance of statements using his social media handles against government officials without express authority from his line supervisors.
He was ordered to handover office, government vehicle and all government property in his possession to Ms Doreen Keita the deputy RCC Central Division. He is currently on katebe at home pondering the next course of action.
Before his suspension, Burora had gone bare knuckles with the speaker of parliament in the ongoing social media campaign about the parliament of Uganda which some observers think his attack was a targeted personal attack on the person of the speaker and not about the issues being raised in the social media exhibition,
According to a trusted source in the corridors of parliament, on the eve of the launch of the NRM register update function by the party chairman Gen Yoweri K Museveni, Burora dashed to the office of the speaker purporting to be in the position of an urgent intelligence to brief the speaker.
The intelligence was that the NRM national vice chairman Al Haji Moses Kigongo had given him a special assignment to print hundreds of party T-shirts with message inscribed on denouncing the speaker Anita Among.
To him, this was to embarrass the speaker before the party chairman and other party leaders including Central Executive Committee (CEC) who would be gracing the occasion.
 He further claimed that Hajji Kigongo and other CEC members in the plot had assured him of a bigger government job if he successfully executed the task well according to their agreed plans.
Burora , formerly a member of the rowdy jobless brotherhood and Sauti ya Vijana movement further revealed that at the time, shs 20m had been handed over to him as a deposit to print the said T-shirts.
The reason for coming to the speaker’s office to deliver the intelligence was to ask if the speaker would give him money such that he could change his heart and instead join her in exposing the plotters.
After listening to Mr Burora’s narration, the handlers in the office of the speaker asked him to bring samples to them as evidence such that they could also present to the higher authorities for the next course of action or handling the situation.
Interestingly, Burora had nowhere to get the said samples to present it as evidence and atleast earn himself a transport refund.
Next on the agenda was to ask him go and look for the samples and bring it next time if his word was to be trusted with a pinch of salt. Burora went back gritting his teeth and has since been vowing to go down with the speaker. What hit him hardest furthermore was that the speaker was able to join the president for the occasion and photo opportunity.
According to the writings of his former friend and comrade in street demos, Norman Tumuhimbise of the infamous Yellow Pigs at parliament, he describes Burora a former colleague turned government official as a political off layer and a snake “you should not cry for”.
Tumuhimbise says Burora approached in 2014 after successful jobless brotherhood demonstrations in Kampala where he among other young people approached him for recruitment into his fold.
“Following our so many successful demonstrations, very many young people would reach out to my closest members for recruitment and or working together on various campaigns.  It is through this, that a friend called to inform me that Burora Anderson admired my resilience, a well thought over and planned modus operandi”.Writes Tumuhimbise.
Firstly, Anderson had been to the team that supported Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi’s bid for presidency in early 2015 though not as active as Zahid Ssempala, Mzee Bwanika and other vibrant youths who were Jackie Mbabazi’s blue eyed boys at a time. Due to reasons for failure to get money from Mbabazi, Tumuhimbise suspects Burora saw no survival and his relevance in JPAM camp.
The hopelessness and his lack of political purpose nor self-confidence and expertise like a few of his fellow activists, he notes that Anderson was too desperate for life to the extent that he auctioned his brains to the powers that be and was recruited into the office of the president through recommendation of Molly Kamukama, the former PPS.
Norman Tumuhimbise writes that thereafter, Burora’s true snake colours surfaced. He started spying from them on behalf of his funders including revealing where they would be dumping yellow pigs.
“I remember him coming home and asked the people he had come with to step aside so that he could take a photo of only me and him. Later I discovered that he used this photo to convince his masters that he was too close to me and that he would feed them with all the info they needed about me”. He reveals.
He notes that he denounced him as his friend on 17th.Sept.2017.
Now, this collaborates our earlier information that Burora loves to take advantage of every situation for financial gains while he hides under activism that he holds no dear.