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New ICT Center in Hoima Promises to Bridge Digital Literacy Gap

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Hoima, Uganda – A new community information and communication technology (ICT) center was inaugurated on October 13, 2023, in Hoima, Uganda, aimed at addressing digital illiteracy and enhancing access to digital education in the region. The center is a collaborative effort between ATC Uganda and Airtel Uganda and is located at the Hoima City Public Library. Equipped with computers, internet access, and essential infrastructure, it is expected to serve both urban and rural areas in the Bunyoro region.

Hoima City Mayor Brian Kaboyo noted that the city had been facing challenges related to data transfer, particularly in government programs, due to a lack of computers and stable internet access. He expressed gratitude for the new ICT center, which will provide essential resources for the city.

Uthuman Mubaraka Mugisa, the new Hoima District chairperson, highlighted the region’s lack of ICT skills among its youth and expressed optimism that the free ICT center would encourage young people and adults to acquire digital skills.

The primary goal of the center is to enhance access to education by providing digital ICT skill development opportunities to underserved communities in Uganda. Courses at the center are expected to last for one month, and participants will receive certificates upon completion. The center is equipped with 20 computers connected to the internet.

ATC Uganda’s long-term plan is to establish additional digital ICT community centers across the country, aiming to become hubs for digital literacy. The center’s establishment is expected to have a positive impact on the community, enabling individuals to acquire digital skills without the financial constraints often associated with private institutions.

John Bikiize, a resident of Hoima City, expressed his excitement about the new center, stating that it would provide him with the opportunity to learn computer skills without financial barriers.

The opening of the center is seen as a significant step in the mission to empower and uplift communities through technology, with the hope of fostering digital literacy in the region and beyond.