The government of Uganda has warned US, accuses it of being misled

Bobi Wine
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The statement released by the government this morning is in response to the US 2020 report on Human rights practices in Uganda.

Government says, much as the report raises a number of concerns and allegations that are of great concern, it is full of several distortions, misinformation, falsehoods and ignorance on the reality of what is on ground in Uganda.

For example; on kidnaps and missing persons, the government says, “anyone suspected of wrongdoing will continue to be guaranteed the due process.”

It further adds that using Bobi Wine as an example is wrong because he is a citizen like other Ugandans.

On violation of covid19 regulations, government says instead of being criticized, it should be thanked for saving people from selfish political actors who never heeded to covid rules during campaigns and assaulted security personnel.

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Government further trashes claims by the US report that it trampled on the freedom of expression of the media and the people saying the media is independent and that they do not interfere with their operations even when they air unpleasant things.

Government has revealed that they will not tolerate any person who uses religion to commit acts of criminality and subversion.

This is in response to the US report titled , “2020 country reports on Human rights practices in Uganda released on March 30” which accused Uganda of curtailing freedom of worship.

According to the government, Uganda is a secular state that respects freedom of religion but can not overlook or accept acts of groups of people or individuals who threaten its people and national security.

Government adds that it has been a victim of terrorism and subversive acts under the guise of religion and now have to be on the guard.



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