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Tooro Region gets TV station

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KAARO KARUNGI | TOORO – Studio equipment for the proposed Tororo Broadcasting Network (TBN) arrived in the country recently, and was last week cleared for delivery and installation. Transmission equipment is also on the way.

“We have taken delivery of studio equipment having made good the suppliers cost, and others – transport, insurance, inspection and taxes all totaling Sh67 million. We have also paid 70% of CIF cost (Entebbe) for transmission equipment,” Geresom Okecho-Ochwo, co-chair of the fundraising committee in charge of the TBN project, said in a statement on Monday.

A Sh600 million funds drive to establish the radio to serve Tororo district and beyond was last year initiated by the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI), with appeals going to potential donors in Uganda and abroad.

Okecho-Ochwo confirmed that so far, TACI has got Sh134 million in cash, and pledges totaling Sh108m.

He also revealed that the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has formally indicated that they are ready to allocate TBN a radio frequency. Okecho said UCC license costs to the tune of Sh45 million have already been pledged by the area MP, Apollo Yeri.

TBN equipment ready to be transported to Tororo

Talks, he added, have also been initiated with a media consultancy firm for technical support to identify, recruit and train key staff in readiness for launching of TBN later this year.

As part of the preparations, TBN will also attend a Uganda Media Women’s Association (MWA) training workshop set for Tororo in May.

“It was agreed that a radio, owned by the community would not only serve as a voice for unity and development of Padhola, but also act as springboard for other development initiatives under TACI,”  Okecho stressed earlier.

Already in place is a house offered by Ambassador Bernadette Olowo- Freers at Tororo central business district that will be repurposed and wired to host the radio. This will offset a budget of sh6m annually in rent.

“We want to assert with confidence that we are past the peak of our requirements for TBN to be on air. If we are to use a normal distribution curve, we are now on the descent. Together, we have persistently run the race. We are very close to achieving our set goal” he said while encouraging well wishers from Tororo, Uganda and abroad, to help meet their budgeted figure of sh600 million.

He said a second virtual fundraising event is set for Saturday April 24, and follows a first virtual fundraising drive launched by Kwar Adhola HRH Moses Stephen Owor at his palace in Tororo in November.

At the first fundraiser, several items were auctioned, including Kwar Adhola’s portrait and a beautiful Tororo Rock (Tele Tororo ) portrait. Over Sh22 million was raised in pledges and cash.

Kwar Adhola launched the fundraising drive. Minister Sarah Opendi and other leaders joined in the fundraising launch on November 7 at the King’s Palace in Tororo.


At the fundraising, The Jago (Prime Minister) Richard Josel Obbo stressed that while Padhola faces many social economic challenges, TACI resolved to prioritize radio as a developmental tool, to inform and educate, and promote her own, and government programmes. It will in addition create employment for the youth, women and men both directly and indirectly.

The fundraising committee considered that radio is still the dominant mass-medium in Uganda with the widest geographical reach and the highest audiences compared with television (TV), newspapers and other information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Kwar Adhola Moses Owor challenged the clans to spearhead the drive to mobilise support for the radio (video below), which he said will be a main vehicle for communication.

“Our people are praised for being hardworking. Now is the time for the Jopadhola, each of them, to show what they are capable of,” Kwar Adhola said.

“This radio will be used to tell our people the truth, spread development plans and cultural news. I urge you all to contribute as everyone is capable of making a contribution to grow Padhola,” he said.

The fundraising plan includes raising Sh12 million from each of the 52 Jopadhola clans, and also from Ugandans nationally and abroad,  plus solicit for funds from various institutions and development partners.

“I expect every clan leader to support this effort. How can you be a leader of a clan, and you are not part of this project intended to develop your people. We will start asking, are you part of us, or you are the leader for other reasons….should we consider picking a new clan leader therefore?” Kwar Adhola said.




Banking and mobile money details

The committee has opened collection bank accounts with DFCU Bank Limited, Acacia Branch to ease the fundraising drive.

TACI have also included a GoFundMe initiative (GoFundMe ) online as one of the ways to raise funds. It is organised by Prof Robert Owor at Albany State University.


ACCOUNT NO (UGX): 01063658295260

ACCOUNT NO (USD): 02063658329257

???? Treasurer, Constant Othieno Mayende Mobile Money (MTN: 0772 590464 or Airtel: 0751 233470)

????  Website: Jopadhola.com  (CLICK)

????  GoFundMe (click)

????  Kwar Adhola strong at 94 years 


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