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Top Sources for Trustworthy News: The Best News Websites in Uganda for 2023

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If you’re searching for trustworthy news websites in Uganda, relax and peruse through this list.

In the era of the internet, the flow of information has evolved significantly. Nowadays, there are countless sources of information, unlike the 1990s when Ugandans relied on UTV, WBS TV, and a handful of newspapers.

As a result of this abundance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and struggle to identify legitimate news and trending sources. However, fret not, as we have compiled a list of the most dependable news websites and sources of information in Uganda just for you.


1. The Observer

Reliable News Websites Uganda
The Observer

If you are looking for a top-cream reliable news website in Uganda for all diplomatic content, then you’ve got it. The Observer was founded in 2004. This website always provides all the elite interests right from politics to economic issues. According to Wikipedia, one of the largest privately-owned papers in the country was co-founded by maverick journalist John Kevin Aliro and nine other directors. Their reporter Richard M Kavuma was awarded the CNN Multichoice African Journalist of the Year award in 2007. You can follow them on Twitter here.

If you love great content and seeking to keep up with the most vital Ugandan information, go ahead and check out their magazine as well.

2. Daily Monitor

Reliable News Websites Uganda -
Daily Monitor

Owned by Nation Media through Monitor Publications, Daily Monitor is one of the top mainstream brands in Uganda. It was founded in 1992. The news company produces both physical newspapers and online content through their website www.monitor.co.ug. Nation media won as the top journalist brand in Uganda in the 2021 Uganda National Journalism Awards popularly known as UNJA. Follow Daily Monitor on Twitter here.

3. New Vision

Reliable News Websites Uganda
New Vision

Founded in 1986, this news website is published and managed by Vision Group. This is the same brand responsible for other newspapers including Bukedde. Unlike Daily Monitor, it is focused on showing the progress made by the government more than controversy. This the national newspaper recognized by the Government of Uganda.

4. Chimp Reports

Reliable News Websites Uganda
Chimp Reports

It was founded by Muhame Giles in 2014. The site is a controversial topic-oriented website, trusted by hundreds of people in Uganda as a source of political scoop. If you want to stay updated on national news in the country, go ahead and visit the website here.

5. The Independent

As the name goes, The Independent is one of the most neutral outstanding publications in East Africa. It was founded in 2010. The physical paper is usually attractive to the working class whilst the website can be accessed by just about anyone for any formal knowledge as well as politics. The magazine was founded by political analyst and professional journalist Andrew Mwenda.

6. KFM

Reliable News Websites Uganda
Kfm logo

The KFM website is the web version of the Ugandan radio station 9.33 KFM. It was founded in 2002. The website boasts first-hand latest news all about Uganda. It is owned by Nation Media Group.

7. NilePost

Reliable News Websites Uganda
Nile Post logo

Owned by NBS TV under Next Media Uganda, Nile Post is the fastest-growing online source of information in Uganda. It was founded in 2017. We call it the fastest because it is younger than most websites on this list and yet it outcompetes them quite significantly.

8. The Ankole Times

The Ankole Times

Founded in 2020, The Ankole Times is the top-notch source for Politics, Current Affairs, and trends in Uganda. With its captivating choice of words, the website has earned a reputation for providing rich vocabulary that adds spice to its descriptions. For an engaging and stimulating read on your favorite topics, head over to The Ankole Times website today. Additionally, make sure to follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends

9. The Kampala Sun

The Kampala Sun

This is the perfect spot for most youths thanks to its controversial relatable topics. It was founded on December 9, 2011. Talk about sex, relationships, celebrities, music, and movies. Kampala Sun will literally spoon-feed you on all these themes.

Kampala Sun is officially owned by Vision Group, the same company that owns Bukedde.

10. Sqoop


Just like its tagline, this urban news website goes deeper into teenage and youth topics, as well as touching on other topics that appeal to multiple audiences. This site is owned by Nation Media through Monitor Publications. It was founded more than 30 years ago.

If you’re looking for what’s trending, music playlists, international feed, and influential youth content, you might as well stick there.

11. Campus Bee

Campus Bee

This site derives its name from what they do exactly. Bees are to honey just as Campus Bee is to “campusers”.

Campus Bee is the first university-focused news website in Uganda. They focus on the events affecting Makerere, KIU, Kyambogo, YMCA, and all big universities. It was founded in 2013.

Campus Bee is owned and was founded by one Emmy Omongin.


We know of several other authentic news websites, but we found these worth mentioning since they’re reputable. I personally have my own website Kaaro Karungi News which is focused on sharing inspirational articles and positive content. Be sure to check out.

Hey, did we miss out on any reliable news websites in Uganda that you expected? Please go ahead and interact with us in the comments section.

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