Home Environment Lake Bunyonyi Faces Threat from Human Activities

Lake Bunyonyi Faces Threat from Human Activities

lake bunyonyi faces threat from human activities
lake bunyonyi faces threat from human activities
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Lake Bunyonyi, known for its stunning beauty, is facing potential harm due to various human activities, including car washing. Conservationists are calling for immediate action to address these concerns.

Lake Bunyonyi, one of Africa’s deepest lakes formed thousands of years ago by a volcanic eruption, is a popular tourist destination. However, recent activities like car washing along its shores are raising alarms among environmentalists in Kigezi Sub-region.

Achilles Byaruhanga, the executive director of Nature Uganda, a local conservation organization, expressed concern over the impact of car washing on the lake’s ecosystem. He explained that oils and grease from motor vehicles pose a significant threat to Lake Bunyonyi and its neighboring wetlands, affecting both biodiversity and water quality.

This pollution could also negatively affect the tourism industry in the region, which includes activities like bird watching, nature walks, swimming, canoeing, boat riding, zip lining, and scenic viewing.

To address these concerns, Evas Asiimwe, the Kabale District wetlands officer, plans to invite Lake Bunyonyi investors for a dialogue focused on curbing pollution. Pollution, she notes, isn’t solely caused by car washing; poor sewage disposal and improper waste management also contribute to the problem.

Additionally, traders near Lake Bunyonyi have been disposing of plastic waste and garbage from markets into the lake because of a lack of proper waste management facilities provided by local governments.

Furthermore, poor farming practices around the lake have led to siltation, potentially reducing its depth over time.

Rubanda District chairperson Steven Ampeire Kasyaba stated that the district’s natural resources officer will assess the environmental effects of the washing bays around Lake Bunyonyi to inform future actions.

Jane Amumpaire, the Rubanda District Natural Resources Officer, emphasized the harmful effects of car washing on water quality and aquatic life due to chemical runoffs, sediment, debris, and other pollutants.

She called for stricter controls to protect water quality and noted that enforcement of environmental protection bye-laws has been challenging due to underfunding.