Home News Unidentified youths drop petrol bombs, leaflets in Jinja city

Unidentified youths drop petrol bombs, leaflets in Jinja city

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KAARO KARUNGI | JINJA – Jinja Police are investigating the circumstances under, which unidentified people dropped leaflets and petrol bombs along different streets in Southern division on Tuesday afternoon.
The suspects who were dressed in hoods and masks are said to have dropped the leaflets and petrol bombs along Mainstreet, Ghokale road and Obote Way using numberless motorcycles before they sped off.
The leaflets carried messages denouncing President Yoweri Museveni’s election victory. “No swearing in. We need our victory,” read the printed statement on the leaflets. The youths also dropped mineral water bottles containing petrol that were packed in sacks containing old tires.
Nuru Mubeezi, a trader along Main Street says that they alerted police after hearing a big blast from the sack. “We saw the burning sack being dropped in the middle of the road and most of us were thinking that its’ the usual garbage protests within the city. However, about 20 minutes later, the sack kept on releasing big blasts, prompting us to alert police,” she said.
Ponsiano Musobya, a Boda boda rider along Obote Way says that the youths masqueraded as motorists who had dropped luggage for their passenger only to realize that the sack contained old tires and petrol.
“Most new motorcycles don’t have number plates and when we saw youths dropping a sack along the roadsides. We thought that it is luggage for their passengers. However, two hours later, we decided to untie the sacks only to discover old tires, bottles of petrol and an unspecified number of leaflets,” he said.
Abbey Ngako, the Kiira Region police spokesperson says that they have managed to recover some exhibits from different areas and efforts are on to track down the suspects.

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