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Utilize Extension Workers; Rukungiri District Production Officer

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KAARO KARUNGI | RUKUNGIRI -As the country continues to face an unprecedented change in weather patterns, farmers have been asked to seek advice from extension workers in order to sustainably benefit from their farming.

According to the Rukungiri district Production Officer, Mr Zepher Karyeija Byarugaba, farmers should run their activities according to the prevailing weather conditions rather than following the traditional   prediction systems for    weather patterns

He said    it is now difficult for farmers to determine which month will receive more rainfall or sunshine, which all have a great impact on farming activities,

 Mr Karyeija said that as the district continues to receive rainfall, crops like maize, beans, bananas and coffee have among others seen an increase in pests and diseases and thus the need for agronomic assistance from qualified extension workers.

According to The District Forestry Officer Mr. Twinomujuni Arthur, a change in weather patterns is caused by human activities  .

However, Mr Zepher Karyeija said that each sub county in Rukungiri district has got qualified extension workers and therefore urged farmers to make use of them to get advice on crop husbandry especially in fighting pests, diseases and chosing the right farm inputs.

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