Home News Violent Clash Leaves Over 10 Injured in Obongi Land Dispute

Violent Clash Leaves Over 10 Injured in Obongi Land Dispute

Obongi RDC Samuel Mpimbasa visiting paying visit to the injured victims at Obongi Heath centre IV.Photo /The Ankole Times.
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Obongi, Uganda – Over 10 people have been injured in a land dispute clash in Maduga North village, Gopele parish, Gimara sub-county, Obongi district.

The clash took place on Tuesday this week when the Oliba clan and Aliba Bura clan fought after the land was declared to belong to the Oliba clan.

Three of those who were beaten unconscious from the Oliba clan were admitted to Obongi Health Centre IV for further medical attention.

The RDC of Obongi, Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, visited the victims at Obongi Health Centre IV this morning.

One of the victims, Mr. Drici Paskwulino, informed the RDC that some of the attackers were transported from Yumbe district by the Aliba Bura clan with the intention of seizing land for the Oliba clan. He stated that they used weapons such as spears, arrows, hoes, and large sticks.

Mr. Paskwulino reiterated that the matter was reported to Obongi Central Police Station (CPS), but the suspects, who are still at large, have not been apprehended.

RDC Obongi, Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, has ordered the arrest of all suspects involved in the assault.

He urged the conflicting clans not to take the law into their own hands as the matter is being addressed.