Home News “We are ready to work with NUP leaders in Parliament”, Amuriat.

“We are ready to work with NUP leaders in Parliament”, Amuriat.

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KAARO KARUNGI | KAMPALA – The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has today spoken out on the leadership appointments made last week by National Unity platform (NUP) for the leader of oppostion in the elevnth Parliament and other appointments to other Committees which they say was based on personal and party intrests.


According to the party leader Patrick Oboth Amuriat ohe says NUP has not Disappointed other parties but are only going to miss the competent leadership of the FDC legislators like Semujju Nganda and Nandala who were not appointed to any commitees. s

This has come days after NUP made appointments on who to lead the oppstion in Palriament and on different parliamentary commitees since it has the majority number of oppostion legislators amongst the oppostion parties who are in the eleventh palriament.


Amongst the apointments made NUP, the opposition wing in parliament is to be led by Honourable Mathius Mpuuga Of Nyendo- Mukungwe while Honourable John Baptist Nambeshe was appointed as the opposition Chief Whip.


JEEMA’ s Asuman Basalirwa was appointed as Vice chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Amuru district women MP Ruth Akello was appointed to be vice chairperson of COSASE and FDC leading Independent Ojala Martic Mapenduzi was also appointed to head the Local Governments Accounts Committee deputized by DP’ s Paul Lutamaguzi Semakula.


Through out last week, Honourable Seemujju Ngaanda spent the all of it crying out to NUP leaders asking them why FDC was less considered in the oppostion leadership and commitee appointments, a matter which caused different imaginations and thoughts to different people, asking if the legistor wanted his party to have majority of the opposition leaders in the house.


However according to Amuriat, the FDC party is ready to share experience with NUP on how to run opposition leadership since t have led the wing before for several years in different parliaments and they are ready to engage and correct their juniours, (NUP Legislators) when they need there help.

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