Why 6,200 schools failed to reopen

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KAARO KARUNGI | NEWS – Proprietors of private schools have asked the government to release the Shs20bn it promised the teachers’ SACCO and the Shs12trillion it promised private schools for recovery to save 6,200 schools from being attacked by banks.

Stephen Moses Muzinge, the secretary general The National Private Educational Institutions Association of Uganda, says government should release the money to help teachers in private schools capitalize the private teachers’ SACCO for them to get loans and also release the Shs2.5bn stimulus package that he had offered proprietors of schools to restart the schools.

He says at the height of the lockdown last year when all schools were closed down, President Museveni in one of his addresses, said government was looking at the possibility of injecting Shs.20bn into the private teachers’ SACCO so that they could borrow the money for personal development on favorable terms but the money has not been remitted.

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