Home News Why Drug Abuse on A strike Among Makerere University Students?

Why Drug Abuse on A strike Among Makerere University Students?

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Research has it that Drug abuse is one of the leading risk factors for high burden of disease world wide. Although the highest levels of alcohol consumption are in European Countries, Uganda holds the heaviest burden of disease and injury attributed to alcohol.
The 2018 Global status report on Alcohol and health disclosed that the total Alcohol per capita for Uganda in the year 2016 was 9.5 compared to 6.3 for the whole Africa region.
Despite its significance to the public health burden in Uganda, these key risk factors have been largely neglected.
Latest information claim that there is a rise in the number of people of indulging in drug abuse in areas of Kampala, particularly students of Makerere University.
Mr.Busingye isaac, the officer in charge Kikoni B police station says students are always are increasingly carrying out the practice during rush hours partly due to relaxation in the observation of curfew, a measure that was put in a place to fight againt the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
He however urged the Ministry of Education and Sports to review the Education system, to come up with a syllabus in where students will be taught and warmed against the adverse effects of drug abuse as many of them take on the vice while still in primary and secondary schools.
“In order for students to always receive guidance and counselling regarding substance abuse, government should create an established position of a school counsellor for continued guidance and counselling of school going students”, he advised.
According to reports by Mulago hill-based-Makerere University School Of Public Health on October 14, 2020 most of the clients are young, single and educated. While only 11% of females in rehabilitation centers were abusing alcohol, 41% of them confessed using cannabis.
It is also claimed that a large proportion of the students obtain their alcohol and drugs from street dealers (52%) or friends (37%).
When asked of the matter, Mr.Ssembatya Enock the Chairman Local Council one (LC1) kikoni B village acknowledged that he is aware of the rise in number of makerere University students engaging in drug misuse in his area. Ssembatya on other hand blamed the University for not taking full charge to investigate about the issue.
“Several instutioal administrators around Kikoni, Makerere University inclusive have turned a blind eye to fight drug abuse. So how do you expect me to dig out the practice!”, Ssembatya commented.
Actually upon this background, one would wonder what was the essence of Makerere University developing an application that was directed at curbing the vice.
In the project dubbed ; “Setting up an epidemiological Alcohol and Drug Abuse Surveillance System,” the “Hill of elites ” launched a tool in 2021 for abstracting information from clients’ files, trained health workers on to fill the tool and how to enter the data in a data base and how to report about it. This seems to have yielded no fruits.
In a one one interview with Kwesiga Martin, the St Francis students’ principal, Learners of Makerere University involve themselves in substance drug simply because they want to fit in peer groups they subscribe to. Unfortunately, this forgets them about their families and religious background that can abstain them from the sin.
On contrary,Kasirye job a student at Makerere University residing at Khan hostel said, ” Iam always confident when I use drugs especially cigarette. It is a tag of for me to stop taking cigarette because I begun right way back in primary school.
In his comment, Henry job the custodian khan Hostel said, that drugs and substance use is high among both female and male students, contrary to the assumption that drugs and substance use among girls is low. As one of the measures to reduce drug abuse in Khan hostel , the management does not entertain admission of a student who uses drugs and S/he is mandated to leave the hostel if found.
Other reasons for engagement in alcohol and drugs include but not limited to stress which in turn is mainly caused by breakup of relations, lack of money and family problems’’ explained Prof. Mbona while disseminating the findings at the Mulago hill-based-Makerere University School Of Public Health on October 14, 2020.

Written by Twesigye innocent, Atuhire Dacklin, Najjuka Angela

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