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Azawi Advises Bebe Cool to Consider New Opportunities Outside Music Industry


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In a candid statement, singer Azawi, also known as Zawedde Priscilla, has offered her perspective on fellow musician Bebe Cool’s career in the music industry. She suggested that Bebe Cool should consider exploring other options if he finds it challenging to financially support his ongoing rivalry with Jose Chameleon. Bebe Cool, who has been active in the industry for over two decades, has been vocal about financial difficulties and government support.

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Azawi, who has herself achieved success in the music industry, expressed her inability to comprehend Bebe Cool’s claims of not achieving anything in his career. She proposed that there are numerous opportunities beyond music that Bebe Cool could explore to improve his financial situation.

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Azawi questioned, “If Bebe Cool doesn’t have the financial means, why not consider leaving the music industry and pursuing other ventures?”

Notably, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon are gearing up for a forthcoming musical showdown, with sponsorship primarily provided by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Thomas Tayebwa. While some have voiced concerns about this financial reliance, Bebe Cool emphasized the pressing need for support, asserting that he currently lacks the means to finance the endeavor.