“Museveni Can’t Decide For Me, I Am Old Enough”, Muhoozi Rants After His Father’s Warning

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The First Son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba has said nobody will restrict him from anything since he is a grown-up. He said in the wake of watching the interview where his dad was approached to stop him from Twitter, he was shocked.

” I hear some journalist from Kenya asked my father to ban me from Twitter. Is that some kind of joke? ? I am an adult and NO ONE will ban me from anything! ” Muhoozi Tweeted

On hearing this, events organiser, Balaam said nobody can stop the First Son. Balaam is a firm fan and ally of Muhoozi.
” Have they consulted the MK Army High Command? You are the supreme leader /Chairman Council of Millions of Younger people with high council we must be consulted at all times. You are a Super Man Afande and Supreme leader to millions let them keep dreaming let’s add fire. Nobody can stop Reggae. Assure them, ” Promoter Balaam said.
In an exclusive interview, Museveni uncovered that he held a few discussions with his Son about the new tweets. Evidently, the president requested Gen. Muhoozi to avoid engaging in hardliner issues in Uganda or other nations.
” If he was tweeting on sports— things which are not controversial— that would not be a problem; but to talk about other countries or even the partisan politics of Uganda, that he must not do, ” The unequivocal President Museveni Stated.

The new General should be cautious about what he tweets as per his father. President Museveni anyway denied leaning toward his Son despite a debate that nearly intimated a conflict between Uganda and Kenya. He reviewed a piece of his expression of remorse to Kenya where he said his child has accomplished such a great deal for the country. Thusly, the president said that this single slip-up ought not be held against him.
On a note of support, these reports come as the development on Gen. Muhoozi’ s timetable has significantly diminished throughout the course of recent days. Somewhat recently, Muhoozi had just tweeted about his planned visit to what he portrayed as his actual homeland- Tanzania. And afterwards a statement of apology to Ruto last week.

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From the get-go in October, Muhoozi conveyed two or three provocative tweets. One of which proposed the unification of Kenya and Uganda. On the other, he proposed to wed Italy’s Next Leader. Muhoozi asked his in excess of 600, 000 Twitter supporters the number of cows that ought to be presented as lady cost for Giorgia Meloni. Giorgia is the right- wing lawmaker expected to be named Italy’ s Prime Minster this month.

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