Home Health Commonwealth Speakers Applaud CIPLA Quality Chemicals’ African Solutions

Commonwealth Speakers Applaud CIPLA Quality Chemicals’ African Solutions

commonwealth speakers applaud cipla quality chemicals african solutions
commonwealth speakers applaud cipla quality chemicals african solutions

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Delegates comprising Speakers and Presiding Officers from the Commonwealth recently visited the CIPLA Quality Chemicals Industries Ltd (CIPLA QCIL) in Luzira, a Kampala suburb, where they expressed admiration for the factory’s capacity to produce essential medicines that are typically imported by African countries.

CIPLA QCIL is one of the four pharmaceutical manufacturers in Africa accredited by the World Health Organization to produce critical medications such as anti-retroviral drugs and anti-malarial drugs. The delegation, led by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, toured the factory on January 5, 2024, commending the Ugandan government for establishing a facility addressing African health needs.

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Rt Hon. Ackson Tulia, Speaker of the Parliament of Tanzania, described the visit as an eye-opener, emphasizing the potential for solving African problems using indigenous solutions. Tulia expressed pride in Uganda’s achievements and envisioned the continent accommodating products from fellow African nations.

While appreciative of CIPLA QCIL’s contributions to 15 African countries, Tulia encouraged the company to consider expanding its market reach, particularly in the western market. Deputy Speaker Tayebwa highlighted the delegation’s ability to influence their countries to import essential medicines, such as anti-retroviral drugs, anti-malarial drugs, and diabetes medications, produced by CIPLA QCIL.

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Tayebwa urged his counterparts to advocate for sourcing medicines from Africa rather than Europe or Asia, emphasizing the capacity and efficiency of CIPLA QCIL. He commended the company for its role in aiding countries like South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic when international supply chains faced disruptions.

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Emmanuel Katongole, Chairman for CIPLA QCIL, expressed gratitude to Parliament for selecting the plant for the Speakers’ visit. He affirmed the company’s readiness to expand its export market, reinforcing its commitment to providing quality pharmaceutical solutions not just nationally but continentally.