Home Security MP Zaake Claims High-Ranking Officials Plotting Against Him

MP Zaake Claims High-Ranking Officials Plotting Against Him

court decision francis zaake returns as parliament commissioner
court decision francis zaake returns as parliament commissioner

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Controversial Ugandan lawmaker, Francis Zaake, has stirred shock and concern by revealing that he has received credible information about a plot to assassinate him. In a post on X, Zaake asserted that high-ranking officials within the regime are orchestrating the plan, led by the head of a government organ, a regime Minister, and a senior security official. The legislator did not disclose the identities of these officials nor provided evidence to substantiate his claims.

Zaake’s revelation echoes a chilling trend in Uganda where public figures expressing fear for their lives have tragically faced fatal outcomes. Notably, former police officer Muhammad Kirumira, a vocal critic of police corruption, forewarned, “When you speak you die. When you keep quiet you die. Better speak and die when the message has reached people,” before being shot dead in 2018.

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Efforts to reach Zaake for further comments on the matter have proven futile, heightening concerns about the validity of the alleged plot. The legislator has a history of facing disciplinary action within Parliament for his confrontational approach, including acerbic attacks on fellow legislators.

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On October 12, 2023, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa referred Zaake to the Rules, Privileges, and Discipline Committee for investigations following accusations of using vulgar language against Rakai Woman MP, Juliet Suubi Kinyamatama. The incident occurred during Zaake’s attendance at the National Unity Platform-NUP party Independence Cup football tournament in Rakai District.

Zaake’s troubles escalated as he faced the disciplinary committee again, this time for social media attacks on the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among. The legislator has been known for his outspoken and controversial stance, often leading to conflicts within parliamentary proceedings.

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“In case the worst happens,” Zaake stated in his recent post on X, “I have shared with relevant people details of the plot and identities of the individuals involved.” The gravity of this claim has sparked widespread concern about the safety of the legislator and the broader implications for political dissent in Uganda.