Home Crime Traditional healer in shock after alleged rape ordeal by Male client

Traditional healer in shock after alleged rape ordeal by Male client

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A twenty-six-year-old traditional healer in South Africa faced a traumatic incident when she was allegedly raped by her male client at his home during a ritual.

The young healer, recounting the distressing experience, expresses shock and fear resulting from the ordeal. The incident has not only impacted her emotionally but also cast doubt on her dedication to her calling as a traditional healer.

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Narrating the sequence of events, she mentions that the assault occurred while she was at the client’s home to perform a ritual. The aftermath of this painful experience has created significant emotional turmoil, making it a challenging journey for her to regain trust in male clients.

As she grapples with the aftermath, the healer acknowledges the long road ahead before she can fully rebuild trust in her professional relationships, particularly with male clients.

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“Out of nowhere guy pushes me, I fall on the bed and he grabs me by my arms and I am trying to process everything that is happening because I am in shock because I came here to help someone spiritually and this is what happens to me.”

“I am still very scared to practice or to help but I know that it is not something I can stop. It is not something I can resign and say I am packing up my stuff, I am leaving because I have been called for a purpose at the end of the day.”

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